Custom project

Online analysis & sub-sampling system

A fully automated online analysis and sub-sampling robot, delivered to PUB of Singapore.
Labman custom system: Online analysis & sub-sampling system

Key features

Reagent DispensingReagent dispensing into subsample vials
FiltrationFiltration of subsamples
Multiple Chemistries6 online chemistries: pH, conductivity, turbidity, colour, Ammonia ISE & Fluoride ISE
Gravimetric AdjustmentsGravimetric adjustment of reagent volumes
Barcode ScannerBarcode reading
Automated ThroughputThroughput of one bottle every 4 minutes
CapperCapping and decapping
Multiple Bottle TypesSystem tailored to your bottle types
Continuous OperationContinuous operation, not batch orientated


A fully automated online analysis and sub-sampling robot, delivered to PUB of Singapore. Samples are transported through the two processing modules via a conveyor system. The first module prepares samples for offline analysis by subsampling the sample into a range of vial and rack types, filtering and adding reagent if required. The second module analyses physical chemistries online using flow through cells. All required tests are retrieved from a StarLIMS database using barcodes located on the sample bottles.


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