Custom project

Sample preparation system

A user-friendly sample preparation system that performs liquid handling sequences and various processes for multiple tube types.
Labman custom system: Sample preparation system

Key features

Tecan ADP liquid handlingUses disposable tips with liquid level sensing
Solvent vapour extractionUses a BOFA extraction unit to remove solvent vapour, activated and monitored by the control software
Multiple tube typesThe system handles tube types from 2ml to 50m capacity, all with screw caps
Chilled sample storageThe input and output sample rack areas are chilled using Peltier chillers
Dual XYZ robotsTwo robots in the same enclosure with an overlapping workspace for efficient processing of samples
Multiple solventsMultiple solvent storage and automatic selection using a computer controlled multiport valve


This is a system for preparing new and pre-prepared samples using customisable workflows. A user-friendly workflow editor allows custom sequences to be built using simple point and click actions on the user interface. Each sample can have steps associated with it e.g. centrifugation, mixing, dispensing, aliquoting, vial crimping with adjustable parameters for volumes, speeds, times etc. The Labman software dynamically optimises the robotic actions to ensure that samples are processed as efficiently as possible. The system encompasses two XYZ robots that share the workspace to provide maximum throughput. The input and output tube racks can hold up to 1536 tubes, and this can be a mixture of different tube types in the same run. Up to 8 solvents are automatically selected for sample creation and dilution, the solvents are stored in-situ below the robot frame in a safety cabinet. The second XYZ robot handles the final sample aliquots into output vials, this uses an air displacement pipettor with disposable tips to ensure zero carryover between samples.



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