Liquid Handling


Labman’s Experience

Liquid handling is at the core of many laboratory processes. Typically ‘liquid handling’ refers to small volume pipetting operations, however, given the huge range of projects we deliver, ‘liquid handling’ has a far broader meaning to Labman. Labman has experience of a huge number of different liquid handling techniques and technologies from pico-litre dosing and microfluidics, through large scale liquids dosing and viscous liquids handling. Whatever your liquid handling challenge, it is very likely Labman has experience relevant to delivering a solution.

  • Automated liquid handling dispensing pump Labman automation
  • Automated vial filling system Labman automation

Key capabilities.

Liquid Handling

• Pico and Nano-litre droplet dispensers
• Microfluidic development and instrumentation
• Syringe pumps
• FMI pump
• Pipetting (1,8,96,384)
• Disposable syringe cartridge (1-200ml)
• Peristaltic pump
• Heated dosing
• Mobile dispensers
• Viscous materials dispensers
• Volumetric and gravimetric techniques
• Slurries handling
• High volume disposable pump heads

Example Systems.

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