Labman’s Experience

The demands for mixing of ingredients has evolved to include a broad spectrum of requirements, ensuring a homogenous product in formulation and analysis. The requirements range from non-contact vortexing to high shear paddle mixers with simultaneous analysis. The demand is evident from benchtop systems to fully automated platforms.

Labman has developed a series of solutions to address these different needs, including the integration of wash systems to minimise cross contamination for contact mixing. If you are seeking a mixing solution, Labman has the expertise required for your application.

  • Labman automated mixing stirring
  • Labman automated mixing formulation module

Key capabilities.


• High and low shear mixing
• Homogenisation
• Orbital shaking
• Ultrasonics
• Benchtop systems
• High throughput automated systems
• Mixing of high-viscosity materials
• Emulsion creation
• Integrated washing to minimise cross contamination

Example Systems.

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