Custom project

Cryogenic plant grinder and dispensing system

Automated plant sample grinding and dispensing.
Labman custom system: Cryogenic plant grinder and dispensing system

Key features

High ThroughputUp to 72 input vials and 216 outputs (3 replicates) in 20 hours
Ball Mill GrindingAutomatic ball mill grinding
Powder DispensingAutomatic powder dispensing into 1.4ml vials
Configurable GrindingConfigurable grinding and dispensing for different sample material
PrecisePowder dispense precision +/- 0.002g
-60°COperating temperature of -60°C


System Overview.

Labman have installed a cryogenic plant grinder and dispensing system for the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. This system is based upon previous systems which have been installed to various research institutes around the world, the first being installed at the Max Planck institute in 2007. The new system is improved with new methods to eliminate cross contamination, new grinder design and new control software using the Labman base application Merlin. The system was installed in May 2014. “ At the Australian National University, we are using the Labman Max Planck Cryogenic Grinder Dispenser robotic system as part of a national sample processing facility enabling Australian researchers to routinely perform large scale multi-omics on a wide variety of species without the high labour overheads of manual sample grinding and weighing. The powerful grinding capabilities of the system have enabled the grinding of materials that were practically impossible to grind using previously available cryogenic grinding technologies such as ball mills and mortars and pestles. The system is expected to open up exciting new research opportunities for Australian researchers, particularly in the field of high-throughput multi-omic plant science where cryogenic tissue grinding and division into weighed portions is routinely required for forking experimental tissue sets across multiple downstream quantitative analytical platforms.“ - Dr Adam J. Carroll, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the The Australian National University, Research School of Biology



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