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Preparatory hplc/ms purification system

A fully automated sample preparation and solvent evaporation system for the purification of HPLC MS synthesised chemicals.
Labman custom system: Preparatory hplc/ms purification system

Key features

Vacuum Dry-Down UnitVacuum dry-down unit integration (using a Labconco)
Weighing to 5dpWeighing to 5dp
Shimadzu HPLC-MS InterfacingShimadzu HPLC-MS interfacing
SMS Status MessagingSMS status messaging
Sample CapacityCapacity for 200 samples
Sample DissolutionUnique sample dissolution techniques
Barcode TrackingSample barcode tracking
Sample Fliltration & Blockage DetectionSample filtration with blockage detection
Solvent Level & SafetySolvent level and safety management
LIMS IntegrationLIMS integration


System Overview.

In 2001, Labman installed a fully automated sample preparation and solvent evaporation system for the purification of synthesised chemicals in Frankfurt Germany. Racks of dried-down synthesised samples loaded on to the system are re-suspended and filtered prior to injection on to a Shimadzu HPLC-MS column. Post purification, collection vials are tare weighed and loaded into the fraction collector. Once the fractionated samples are collected they are dried-down and reweighed to determine the product yield.



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